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Why become a member?

No need to commit to a membership right away—grab a day pass whenever you want to climb. However, if you're planning to climb regularly, or take advantage of our free equipment rentals, seriously consider a membership. Either way, you'll unlock exclusive member perks!


By choosing a membership, you're not just getting an epic climbing experience—you're also supporting a local business and our mission to create an incredible climbing community, one ascent at a time. Join us!

Exclusive Perks

Member Perks

Unlimited Climbing

njoy unlimited climbing sessions! Visit us during our open hours and stay as long as you'd like.

Rental Equipment

Rental equipment is complimentary for members that are 22 and under, seniors, military, veteran and college students. For those not eligible for free rental equipment it can be added on a monthly basis for just $20.

Free Guest Passes

Each membership includes six annual guest passes, with one pass usable every 30 days until the yearly allotment. Guests are permitted to utilize a member's guest pass only once within a 30-day period. These guest passes also come with included rental equipment. Family memberships, however, are treated as a single membership, and therefore, do not receive extra guest passes.

Free Classes

Members can attend our Learn to Belay class and Learn to Climb class at no cost, and once they've been members for six months, they can also take our Learn to Lead class for free.

Retail Discounts

Members get 10% off all retail equipment and discounts on most programs and services that the gym offers.

Member Events

Members enjoy free access to all our community events, and exclusive entry to our Member Nights!


Your employer or health insurance might actually cover your membership fees with us. We're totally ready to help members with any paperwork needed to make that happen. Cool, right?

Types &

Autopay Memberships

Autopay memberships will automatically charge a credit card on file on the 1st of every month. When you sign up, you'll need to pay for the first 2 months initially, and the first month's dues will be prorated based on the date you join.

Autopay memberships can be temporarily frozen to pause dues and members can also choose to have gym purchases invoiced to the card on file.

Autopay Standard

Ages 23 and older.

Autopay Discount

Youth - Ages 22 and Under

Senior - Ages 65 and Older

Military - Active or Veteran*

College - Active Students*

* Military and college discounts require verification with our office.

Autopay Family

Includes 2 individuals residing at the same address, who are legal partners and/or dependents under 19. Additional family members are $25.

Prepaid Memberships

Prepaid memberships are paid for a fixed period and cannot be frozen.

Prepaid 1 Month

Valid for 1 month from date of purchase.

Prepaid 12 Months

Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


Looking for something special? Check out these options.

Two Week Trial

Includes 2 full weeks of facility access and gear rentals, as well as our Learn to Belay Class.
First Time Member Only

Join Today!

Save time by starting your membership sign-up online.

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