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Classes & Coaching

Classes & Coaching

At RocVentures we offer a wide range of classes and coaching programs designed for kids and adults of all levels, needs, and abilities.

Staff Belay

Experience a one-hour climbing session with a staff member. We recommend trying this experience for first time climbers, especially if you have a kiddo under 13. It's an excellent introduction to both the facility and the sport, ensuring a great time for everyone! Our recurring weekend staff belays are best for kids, please contact us to inquire about scheduling private staff belay options.


Ages:  6+

First Time: Yes

Duration: 1x, 1 Hour Session
Price: $25

Learn to Belay

Our Learn to Belay class is designed to teach the proper techniques belaying in our facility. Whether you're a first-time belayer or it's just been a while since you've climbed, this class will equip you with the fundamentals and provide you with a Belay Certification at RocVentures so you can safely enjoy top rope climbing in our gym.


Ages: 13+

First Time: Yes

Duration: 1x, 1 Hour Session

Price: $10 (Non-Member),  $0 (Members)

Learn to Climb

Our Learn to Climb class is structured to provide an introduction to climbing fundamentals, covering essential aspects such as hand holds and grips, footwork, body positioning, and movement. Please note that a RocVentures belay certification is required to enroll in this class.


Ages: 13+

First Time: No

Duration: 1x, 1.5 Hour Session

Price: $15 (Non-Member),  $0 (Members)

Learn to Lead

Take your climbing skills to the next level with our Lead Climbing Class! This class teaches the fundamentals of both lead climbing and lead belaying, including the use of climbing equipment, safety commands, proper lead belaying techniques, proper clipping, rope management, and how to catch lead falls.

Ages: 15+

First Time: No

Duration: 2x, 2 Hour Sessions

Price: $100 (Non-Member),  $75 (Members)

Group Coaching

Looking to take your climbing to the next level? Our Adult Coaching program is the perfect way to build strength, technique, and confidence in a supportive group setting. Join our weekly program and participate in conditioning and technique drills led by our experienced coaches.


Recurring participants will need a membership and will be required to pay a monthly fee. Not ready to commit yet? Try out the program with a drop-in session.


Ages: 18+

First Time: No

Duration: 4x, 90 Minute Sessions

Price: $25 (Members)

Private Coaching

Improve your climbing skills with Private Coaching sessions tailored to your needs. Our experienced coaches offer one-on-one guidance to enhance your technique, strength, and overall performance. Whether you're a beginner working on foundational skills or an advanced climber pursuing specific goals, our Private Coaching provides a focused avenue for progression. Partner with us to achieve your climbing aspirations through expertise and precision.

Ages: 4+

Duration: Varies

Price: Varies

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