Youth Team fosters setting and achieving goals, developing critical thinking skills, and increasing self-confidence through a competitive platform. Our adept coaches are committed to training the next generation of climbers and work individually to help climbers gain the strength and confidence required for competition climbing.


If you're interested in Team and have no competitive climbing experience, we recommend that you participate in Youth Club for at least a month so our coaches can get familiar with your abilities and recommend the appropriate training regimen for you.

For those looking for a less competitive approach and a more social climbing experience, our other youth programs may be a better fit.

Practices run year round on Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:00pm–7:00pm

We are a sports team, so regular attendance is expected at all scheduled practices. 


(Includes Youth Membership and gear.)

In order to register for competitions, all climbers must register as competitors with USA climbing, a process which we will help guide you through.

For more information, to register for Youth Team, or to ask a question, please contact Brenden.