Whether you are a first time climber or an expert, RocVentures has everything you need to push your climbing and training further! We offer a variety of climbing options, team building opportunities, and special events! 


STEP 1: Your first step will be to fill out our liability waiver. You can also do that online here.

STEP 2:  Choose your activity. We have three types of climbing at our facility;
  • Top Rope Climbing - Roped climbing with a partner. One climbs as the other belays.
  • Bouldering - Non-roped climbing. Typically shorter more powerful movements. Does not require a partner.
  • Lead Climbing is an advanced style of climbing where the climber ties into the rope on the ground without being attached to a pre-set anchor.
STEP 3:  Get trained, oriented and fitted for equipment. First time belayers will go through a belay class.* In this class, our staff will teach you the proper belay technique and additional climbing tips to help you navigate the gym comfortably. This class only takes about 20 minutes. You must be 13 or older to belay.
*Experienced belayers will be required to go through a "test-out" in order to belay at RocVentures Climbing Gym

Finding Us

We are located at 1044 University Ave Building #2. We are tucked away between Breaking Free Skatepark and Fairport Brewing. Directions to RocVentures Climbing Gym.

Do I need a reservation?

No, you do not need to make a Reservation for our daily climbing. We have belay classes available all day long and climbing during any of our open hours. Reservations are only required for Rent-A-Belay and Group Event products.

What is a "belay"?

The word "belay" literally means to fix a running rope. In top-rope climbing, there is a Climber who is attached to one end of the rope and a Belayer attached to the other end through a belay device. As the Climber advances up the wall, the Belayer is in charge of managing the rope in order to keep the Climber safe while ascending. Anyone over the age of 13 can be trained to belay. Staff belayers are availble by reserving a "Rent-A-Belay". (Image Courtesy of

How much does it cost?

All of our daily rates can be found here. Generally, the first visit will cost about $36 per person. Click here for a more accurate breakdown of our most common items.

Can I test out of a belay class?

Yes, you may be able to test out. Experienced climbers will be given the opportunity to test out of our belay class. The only accepted method to test out of our class is PBUS (pull, brake, under, slide). Our test out procedures are very strict in order to ensure climber and belayer safety. Please note that an online video is not sufficient training and will result in failing our belay test. A failed test will require climbers to go through our belay class with a staff member for $10. There is no class required for bouldering.