1044 University Ave.

Rochester, NY 14607

Mon-Fri: 12pm-10pm

Sat: 12pm - 8pm

Sun: 12pm - 6pm


COVID-19 UPDATE: RocVentures programs and standard operating hours are suspended until further notice. We will be sure to update you as situations change. Stay healthy!


Yoga is the perfect compliment to climbing. Our classes will help get you the mindset, balance and strength a climbing body needs. 

Yoga Instructors

Lydia Marbach

About Lydia: "I am a company member of the Rochester City Ballet. I started climbing about 3 years ago as a way to cross train. I believe yoga is a way to connect movement and breath. I like to think of it as a moving meditation."


What to expect: "In my classes I like to focus on  the freedom and exploration of the body and how it moves. I like to include a lot of core and balances because of its relation to climbing movements."


Yoga Classes are offers Tuesday and Fridays at 8am and Sundays at 10am. Sign-up below!