In lead climbing, the rope runs directly from the belayer to the climber. This differs from top rope climbing where the rope initially runs up the wall to a top anchor and back down to the climber. As the climber ascends the route, they clip the rope into bolts that are fixed to the wall. A lead route is rated using the Yosemite Decimal System, or YDS.

Do you offer Lead Climbing Classes?

Yes! Classes are made by appointment and can be requested here. Classes last approximatly 3 hours and will require a personal harness. Price (Member) - $65 Price (Non-Member) - $75 Lead Climbing is more strenuous than top rope climbing so we reccomend that a climber can competently climb 5.8 top-rope climbs before taking a class.

Can I test out to Lead climb & belay?

Yes! Expirienced lead climbers are able to test out of lead climbing classes. Certifications are for both climbing and belaying. Meaning each participant must be able to demonstrate the abilty to lead climb and belay safetly. There is no cost to test out.

Can I bring my own rope and belay device?

Yes! Lead climbers are able to bring their own rope as long as it is between 9.5mm and 10.4mm in thickness and more than 50m in length. Lead climbers are also able to use their own personal belay device.

Can I rent a rope and belay device?

Yes! Rope and belay devices (Petzl GriGri) are free to rent for members. Non-members are able to rent a rope and belay device for $7.