COVID-19 Update

As COVID-19 restrictions are in flux, we have done our best to update our gym policies accordingly to keep our community as safe as possible. Currently Monroe County Department of Health Guidance strongly recommends that all individuals wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Please keep in mind that these guidelines may change at any time. We ask that you follow any and all updated signage regarding COVID-19 that may be posted throughout our gym.

We at RocVentures want to thank you all for your continued support and vigilance throughout this pandemic. We are so glad to have you all as a part of the RocVentures community.

What is a belay or a belayer?

The word "belay" literally means to fix a running rope. In top rope climbing, there is a climber who is attached to one end of the rope and a belayer attached to the other end. As the climber advances up the wall, the belayer is in charge of managing the rope in order to keep the climber safe while ascending, then again while lowering them to the ground.

Do I need a reservation to climb?

No reservations are required. Anyone is welcome to come and climb during any of our open hours. Top Rope Belay classes are run throughout our open hours up until the hour before closing. We welcome you to stop in and say "hi," anytime.

How old do you have to be to climb?

We have walls that are appropriate for kids as young as 3 years old. However, we have hosted kids as young as two years old. There is no upper limit. Our minimum age to belay is 13 years old.

Is the High Ropes course included in admission?

Standard admission does not include admission to our high ropes course, but it can be added to any experience for $10 per person.

What is your belay class and can I test out?

Our top rope belay class typically takes 20–30 minutes. This class covers the mechanics of the Gri-Gri device, correct belay technique, and hands-on coaching so you can be confident belaying your partner. Experienced climbers will be given the opportunity to test out of our belay class. The only accepted method to test out of our class is PBUS (pull, brake, under, slide). Our test out procedures are very strict in order to ensure climber and belayer saftey. Please note that an online video is not sufficient training and will result in failing our belay test. A failed test will require climbers to go through our belay class with a staff member for $10. There is no class required for bouldering.

Are climbing shoes required?

Yes, climbing shoes are required. Climbing shoes do make climbing significantly easier and are recomended to all guests. Climbing shoes are included in our rental bundle (along with a harness and chalk bag) or can be rented separately.

Can a staff member belay for me or my child?

Yes! You have the option to reserve a staff belayer for $25 per climber. This includes climbing equipment and 1 hour of climbing. Reservations are required and can be made here.

Do you have auto-belays?

Yes, we have several TrueBlue auto-belays set up throughout our gym. Each auto-belay is arranged so that their are muliple routes to climb.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, there is free Wi-Fi throughout the facility for our guests to use.

What is Top Roping?

Top roping is a style of climbing in which the climber is securely attached to a rope—via a harness and locking caribiner—which then passes up through an anchor system at the top of the climb and down to a belayer on the ground. The belayer takes in slack from the rope throughout the climb so that if at any point the climber were to lose their grip, they would only fall a short distance. A top rope climb is called a route and its difficulty is rated on the Yosemite Decimal System, or YDS.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses. Bouldering requires little equipment; most climbers use only climbing shoes to help secure footholds and chalk to keep their hands dry and to provide a firmer grip. Climbs are called problems and are usually less than 20ft tall, but can range from very easy to very, very difficult. Each problem’s difficulty is rated using the V-scale.

What is Lead climbing?

In lead climbing, the rope runs directly from the belayer to the climber. This differs from top rope climbing where the rope initially runs up the wall to a top anchor and back down to the climber. As the climber goes up the route, they clip the rope into bolts that are fixed to the wall. A lead route is also rated using the Yosemite Decimal System.

If I'm not climbing, should I sign a waiver?

Yes. We require all persons in our building to have a current waiver on file.

Anything I should bring to my first visit?

Definitely sign and send us your waiver before your visit. When you get here, be sure to have a photo ID for check-in. Otherwise, we'll have all the necessary equipment available for you to rent, if needed. We suggest bringing a hair tie if you have longer hair and wearing comfortable, non-restrictive activewear. (And maybe bring a change of clothing, since climbing tends to get you sweating and pretty chalky!) If you work up an appetite, we carry snacks as well as drinks, and we have a water fountain for you to refill your bottles with.

What are your Gym Policies?

The following is a list of expectations which all guests and participants are required to observe. Those found to be in violation of these expectations will receive penalties up to and including temporary or permanent ban from the facilities. BY PARTICIPATING AS EITHER A SPECTATOR OR PARTICIPANT IN THE FACILITIES ACTIVITIES, YOU WILL ASSUME ALL INHERENT RISK AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF DOING SO, AND THEREFORE PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • All visitors and participants must check in at the front desk and complete a participant waiver
  • All visitors and participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to others
  • Read and abide by all posted signs and warnings and cooperate with facility staff
  • All first-time participants are required to attend our safety orientation prior to participating
Belaying and Tying
  • Participants must be at least 13 years old to belay or tie themselves in when sport climbing
  • Use properbelaytechnique and agree to double check their set up prior totheclimb
  • Only staff are permitted to provide instruction on belayskills and techniques
  • Climbers under the age of 12 are not permitted to Boulder without direct supervision
  • Do not walk, stand, or sit underneath a climber while he or she is bouldering
  • Refrain from traversing under active top rope climbers
  • Participants must use approved climbing gear only; if you bring your own gear then you assume responsibility for its soundness
  • Refrain from loosening, removing or moving holds
  • Report any loose holds, significant wear spots on ropes, or anything you perceive to be a safety hazard
  • Refrain from bringing food, gum or open drink containers in the Climbing areas
  • Refrain from running or swinging on the ropes
  • Always beaware of your surroundings and other climbers and their climbing routes
  • During your decent, rappel straight down and keep a reasonable distance from other climbers
  • The facility is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property
You must not continue to use the facility, or continue to participate in facility activities if you discover any dangerous and defective condition, and you must immediately report the same to facility management. It is your duty as a spectator and/or a participant to report any injuries or violations to the facility manager, or the manager on duty, immediately.