What is a belay or a belayer?

The word "belay" literally means to fix a running rope. In top-rope climbing, there is a Climber who is attached to one end of the rope and a Belayer attached to the other end. As the Climber advances up the wall, the Belayer is in charge of managing the rope in order to keep the Climber safe while ascending. Below is an image that helps to demonstrate this.

Do I need a reservation to climb?

No reservations required. Anyone is welcome to come and climb during any of our open hours. Top-Rope Belay classes are run throughout our open hours up until the hour before closing. We welcome you to stop in and say hi anytime.

How old do you have to be to climb?

We have walls that are appropriate for kids as young as 3 years old. However, we have hosted kids as young as two-years old. There is no upper limit. Our minimum age to belay is 13 years old.

Is High Ropes included in admission?

Standard admission does not include admission to our high ropes course, but it can be added to any experience for $10 per person.

How long is the top-rope belay class?

Our top-rope belay class typically takes 20 to 30 minutes. The class covers the mechanics of the Gri-Gri device, correct belay technique, and hands-on coaching so you can be confident belaying your partner.

What is a Gri-Gri?

A Gri-Gri is a belay device produced by Petzl that is an assisted locking device. Each of our top-ropes has a Gri-Gri and carabiners in place so you can clip in and climb.

Do I have to rent a belay device?

No, there is no rental fee to rent a belay device. They are included in your general admission.

Can I test out of a belay class?

Yes, you may be able to test out. Experienced climbers will be given the opportunity to test out of our belay class. The only accepted method to test out of our class is PBUS (pull, brake, under, slide). Our test out procedures are very strict in order to ensure climber and belayer saftey. Please note that an online video is not sufficient training and will result in failing our belay test. A failed test will require climbers to go through our belay class with a staff member for $10. There is no class required for bouldering.

Are climbing shoes required?

Yes, they do make climbing significantly easier and are recomended to all guests. Climbing shoes are included in our rental bundle (along with a harness and chalk bag) or can be rented separately.

Can a staff member belay for me or my child?

Yes! You have the option to Rent-a-belay for $25 per climber. This includes climbing equipment and 1 hour of climbing. Reservations are required for Rent-a-belay's and can be made here.

What should I wear?

We recommend athletic clothing that will move freely with you as you climb. Our climbers typically wear climbing pants, yoga pants, running pants, or shorts.

Do you have auto-belays?

Yes we do have a single auto belay that has muliple routes to climb.

How do I get to your facility?

We are located at 1044 University Ave Building #2. We are tucked away between Breaking Free Skatepark and Fairport Brewing. For directions to our facility click here. From the street, we are located to the left of T-Shirt Express on the left side of the buidling just beyond Breaking Free Skate Park and next to Fairport Brewing.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, there is free Wi-Fi throughout the facility for our guests to use.