Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about RocVentures and the current pandemic. For answers to questions you do not see below, email us at

How will RocVentures be adjusting operations for the current pandemic?


RocVentures has adjusted our hours to 5pm-9pm Mon-Fri and will be closed on the weekends to allow for increased disinfection during the week. We will also have limited occupancy within the facility to allow for social distancing. Additionally, we have enacted policies for face masks and hand hygiene for all patrons within the facility. For more information on the NYS guidelines please visit this link. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.

Whats your mask policy?

Masks are mandatory to enter the facility and are required to be worn anytime you are not actively climbing. Face coverings must cover the mouth and nose and may be temporarily lowered to eat or drink. RocVentures has a small supply of masks in the case you forget one but it is expected for customers to provide their own masks.  

What about social distancing?

Guests must respect at least 6 feet of social distance at all times. If you visit with someone who you reside with, you do not have to social distance, but we ask for everyone to use common sense and discretion.

How about hand washing?

Guests are asked to wash their hands immediately upon entering the facility. There are multiple hand hygiene stations throughout the facility to use during your climbing session.  We highly recommend performing hand hygiene between climbs. 

Do I need a reservation?

No. We will be monitoring our reduced occupancy to allow for our members and guests top climb without a reservation. We do however request you check our occupancy tool on our website before leaving home. 

Can I rent equipment?

Yes. Rental shoes and harnesses will be available, but not chalk bags. Rented items will be properly cleaned before put back into use. 

Other helpful information

  • Our water fountain is unavailable but has a bottle filler that is available to use. 

  • Guests and staff will be disinfecting belay devices and carabiners, tables and chairs, benches, and other high touch surface areas regularly. 

  • Read and follow all posted signs in the facility. 

  • Please enter the facility with as little as possible. Try to avoid using the changing area and bringing in numerous bags. Reduce your personal load while in the facility, such as carrying fewer items with you as you move from climb to climb.

  • We recommend that people use liquid chalk, but we will still allow loose chalk. Still though, liquid chalk has the added benefit of reducing chalk in the air which is better for our lungs as well as our air filters.