The RocVentures Climbing Team is a youth climbing program dedicated to training the next generation of climbers. Our athletes develop the technique, strength, and confidence required for competitive climbing. From novice climbers just getting started in the sport, to those ready to compete throughout the nation. The RocVentures Climbing Team has something for youth climbers of all ages looking to challenge themselves. 

The athletes of the RocVentures Climbing Team are encouraged to progress through the levels of our program and participate in climbing competitions.

We are a sports team. Regular attendance is required and focus is placed on all members of the team. The RocVentures Climbing Team is for youth who are focused on growing as competitive climbers. For those who are looking for a less competitive approach and a more social climbing experience, our youth program may be a better fit; visit out Climbing Youth Program for information and availability. 

Our team runs year round and registration can occur at any time throughout the year. Practices occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm. If you are interested in shadowing a practice please email our coaches at coaching@rocventuresclimbing.com to make arrangements. 

Team Climbers register with a Competitors Membership for $130 a month. This includes unlimited climbing, team coaching sessions, and access to equipment rentals. In order to register for competitions, all climbers must register as competitors with USA Climbing