RocVentures policies to continue climbing in the safest way possible.


Dear RocVentures Community,

We apologize for the frequent changes in our re-opening status. We are trying our best to interpret the ever-changing guidelines from the state and county. Unfortunately, we are unsure of the exact date RocVentures will be re-opening but we look forward to being here, ready to give you a catch, on your first climb back. We understand how confusing this all is and humbly ask for your forgiveness for our overhasty announcements. We will be sure to update you in the future when we are 100% sure about our reopening status.

Memberships will continue to be frozen thorough this time at no charge. Pre-paid memberships will also continue to be extended. If you have specific questions about your membership please email us at If you wish to keep supporting us by unfreezing your membership, you can choose to do so by clicking here.

We hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy during this time. We are so eager to have everyone back climbing soon!

RocVentures Management Team




It is with much excitement we are announcing a new projected opening date of July 6th, 2020. This comes with New York States announcing of new "Sports and Recreation Guidelines". We want to thank our amazing community for their patience and perseverance throughout this time. We are so excited to get back to climbing!

What does this mean for Climbers and Members:

  • Masks will be required to enter the facility and will be required anytime where 6 ft of social distancing is not possible. Climbers will not be required to wear masks while actively climbing. 

  • Occupancy will be limited to 50% for the facility

  • Hours will be adjusted to allow for camp to run outside public climbing times. The new hours will be from 5-9:30 pm. (M-F) 12-8 pm. (Sat.) and 12-6 pm. (Sun.)

  • Because of our occupancy limits we will not be requiring appointments for climbing.

  • Memberships will resume effective July 6th at a prorated amount that will be automatically added to the scheduled billing date on July 15th

  • Prepaid Memberships will be automatically extended to include anytime the gym was inaccessible due to shutdown. 

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection will take place of high touch surfaces throughout the facility. 

  • Hand hygiene will be mandatory immediately upon entering the facility and immediately before leaving the facility. 

  • Hand hygiene is mandatory after each climb.



Today, June 24th 2020, Governor Cuomo updated the New York State Phase 4 opening requirements. Unfortunately, after months of waiting gyms have not yet been cleared for opening to the public. We understand that this is a confusing and frustrating time, but it is our priority that our community remains safe and healthy. RocVentures is dedicated to making sure all steps are taking to ensure that outcome.


Due to this recent decision the following steps are being taken.

  • Any scheduled time slot will be canceled until further notice and all associated payments will be refunded.

  • Memberships will continue to be frozen automatically at no cost to members until gym operations are able to resume.

Summer Camp has been approved by New York State reopening guidelines and RocVentures has received approval from the Monroe County Department of Health and Labor. Therefore, camp associated bookings will not be effected by this recent decision.  If you have booked, or plan to book 2020 Summer Camp, no action is required at this time. 

We are very surprised and disappointed by this decision and apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.  We have been looking forward to having everyone back in the gym and we are devastated by this turn of events.  At this time, we will continue to wait for the most current information from New York State officials.  

Please continue to check back for the most recent updates as we receive them.  


After months of waiting, the time has finally come to prepare for the re-opening RocVentures Climbing Gym!  We understand that this is a confusing time, but you can rest assured that we're working hard to implement plans that will have you feeling safe and ready to return!


  • Scheduled time slots will be required and available at a 40 person maximum in order to control the occupancy of the facility.  This maximum is shared between members and the general public. 

  • An admission fee is required for all visitors to the gym, whether climbing, belaying, or spectating.  

  • If you are a registered member, you must still reserve a space in order to enter the facility whether or not you plan to climb.  Admission fee is included in your membership.

  • Please be considerate of others when booking, and limit your bookings to a maximum of three time slots per week. 

  • No group activities or events will occur until further notice with the exception of Summer Camp. 

  • A new water fountain has been installed that will only be available for touch free filling of water bottles.

  • Please see below for necessary safety and hygiene policies and procedures.

At this time we are preparing to open on Friday, June 26th.  We plan to run summer camp, Monday-Friday from 9-4pm with a limited number of weekly sign-ups available.  After camp, from 5pm to close, we will offer climbing by appointment only, also on a limited occupancy basis.  Camp and appointment based climbing will not run at the same time in order to maintain the occupancy limits.  Saturdays and Sundays will remain appointment based in the same way as weekday evenings will be scheduled.   We are prepared to be flexible in updating and/or expanding the prescribed limits as recommended by the CDC and Monroe County.  


You can expect that there will be safety guidelines in place upon your return to RocVentures.  The following procedures will be required while attending the gym, and will be upheld until further notice:


  • No entry to anyone unless fever free - under 99F (thermometer will be at desk to check all employees and visitors).

  •  Anyone who is sick, or feeling sick will not be admitted.

  •  Masks are mandatory for all employees.

  •  Maintain 6’ minimum physical/social distance between non-family individuals at all times.

  •  Masks will be required when social distancing is not possible.  You will not be required to wear a mask while on the wall, but will be required to replace your mask when you return to the floor.  

  •  Limit the number of people in the establishment to ensure social distancing at all times.

  •  Hand-washing or hand sanitizer mandatory upon entry and exit of the gym

  •  Hand-washing or hand sanitizer mandatory after each climb.

  •  Employees will use of hand sanitizer prior to, and after, touching common use items

  •  Regular employee sanitation of high touch point areas every two hours with spray bottle and 1000 ppm bleach solution or approved alternate.

More specific information will be provided as we get closer to our projected open date.  Continue to visit this page for the most up to date facility guidelines.

What to Know Before Arriving

1044 University Ave.

Rochester, NY 14607

Mon-Fri: 5pm - 9:30pm*

Sat: 12pm - 8pm*

Sun: 12pm - 6pm*


*COVID-19 UPDATE: RocVentures programs and standard operating hours are currently suspended. We will be sure to update you as situations change. Stay healthy!