RocVentures policies to continue climbing in the safest way possible.


Dear RocVentures Members,
The last few months have been a difficult and confusing time for our community and country. We want to thank you for the support and kind messages via email and social media that you have shared with us. It reinforced to us that RocVentures truly is a place “Where Climbing Meets Community.”  
RocVentures is excited to announce that we will be able to open to the public on Monday August 10th at 5pm. We have been in discussions with the Monroe County Department of Health, and the Empire State Development Finger Lakes Office about our ability to operate safely during the current pandemic.  As a result of these discussions, we have received written confirmation that we are now able to reopen to the public in compliance with the guidelines set forth by New York State for sports facilities. The NYS guidelines for Sports and Recreation, established under Governor Cuomo, have indicated that rock climbing is a low-risk activity and is able to operate as an indoor sport which has been given a separate classification from fitness facilities.  These guidelines limit our facility to 50% occupancy or about 90 climbers.   We are going to further restrict occupancy to 75 climbers to allow for additional room to social distance. At this time, only the climbing areas of our facility will be open, we will not have fitness equipment available nor yoga classes. 
RocVentures will be opening in phases as recommended by NYS. This will begin with limited operating days and hours and continue until our facility can open more broadly as the State’s restrictions loosen. During our first reopening phase, RocVentures will operate with adjusted hours from 5pm-9pm on weekdays only (M-F).  We are running summer camp during the day and our permit from the Department of Health does not allow us to have anyone other than campers and staff in the facility during those hours.  Once camp is over for the day, we need to allow for the campers to be picked up and our staff to clean the high touch areas utilized by the campers.  We are closing at 9pm to allow for additional disinfection time at the end of the night.  At this time, we feel that the additional closure over the weekend will allow the facility to rest and for us to be ready to climb again on Monday.  
Appointments WILL NOT be required to climb during our adjusted hours. By not using an appointment time format, we feel that it will allow for people to come when it is convenient for their schedule, allow for climbing sessions that work with your endurance level, and eliminate crowding at the check in desk at the beginning of an appointment time block.  You do not need to be a member to climb, day passes will be available.  An occupancy widget can be found on our home page as well as below which you can check for the current number of people in the facility.  
COVID-19 has affected all of us and how we approach things.  As we reopen, we are going to implement many policies to keep our community safe upon their return to climbing. We ask that you arrive at RocVentures with your mask on and be prepared to complete a health screening, including having your temperature taken.  We ask that you keep your mask on, except when you are actively climbing, and maintain 6 feet of social distancing between yourself and others.  While top roping we ask that you keep a rope station between you and other climbers. While bouldering, please be conscious of where other climbers are and maintain social distancing.  Though rental equipment will be available, now would be a good time to take advantage of your 10% member discount and purchase your own shoes and harness from our gear shop.  Hand hygiene is an important part of stopping the spread of COVID-19.  While we were closed, we installed a hand washing station outside of the men’s restroom so that you can wash your hands without entering the restrooms.  Hand sanitizer will also be available.  We urge you to frequently wash or sanitize your hands during your climbing session. We also installed a new water fountain during our closure which has a water bottle filler. Please bring your own water bottle and refill it as necessary rather than using the drinking fountain itself.  Bottled water and Powerade are available to be purchased at the front desk.  
Below are some of the major policy changes you can expect to see at RocVentures.


  • RocVentures has a new waiver that needs to be completed by each participant.

  • Our occupancy will be limited to 40% capacity in order to allow for appropriate social distancing within the facility.

  • Masks will be required to enter our facility and must be worn anytime you are not actively climbing.

  • Hand hygiene will be mandatory upon entering the facility and before leaving the facility.

  • A health screening will be performed upon arrival to the facility.

  • RocVentures will not be performing one-on-one instruction which includes belay classes.

  • Rentals will be limited to harnesses and shoes which will experience additional disinfection.


EFT Memberships will resume their billing cycle on Saturday August 15th. As a thank you for the support our members have given us during this time, we will not be charging any prorated amount for the days of 8/10-8/14. For existing members, this means you will be able to climb without incurring any cost for those days. For members wishing to continue to freeze their membership, they can request to do so here.
Prepaid Memberships will be extended for the shutdown dates of March 15th to August 15th.
During our closure, we were busy cleaning and freshening up the facility in anticipation of your return. The setters have many new routes up and waiting for you.  We are so thankful for all of our community members who have stood by us and supported our facility during this time. We are so excited to have you return to climb with us and continue to build our community. 
Climb on, 
RocVentures Climbing Gym

1044 University Ave.

Rochester, NY 14607

Mon-Thurs: 12pm - 10pm

Fri: 12pm - 9pm

Sat & Sun: 12pm-6pm


*COVID-19 UPDATE: RocVentures program offerings and operating hours are currently adjusted. We will be sure to update you as situations change. Stay healthy!